What happened to Pablo’s hippo Matilda?

Within a month after Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamus Pepe’s tragical death, Colombia’s Environment Minister announces that his mate, Matilda, probably died as well. According to him, some villagers of the area where she is supposed te be roaming with her baby Hip, killed her. She was, says the minister, a danger to the people.

Photo: Julian Lineros

Photo: Julián Lineros, who was the first (and last?) photographer who found her alive

This causes a lot of distrust. How does the minister know this? Why is it probably and not for sure? I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the same hunters who killed Pepe, or the army or some government representative who pulled the trigger. Now they seem to be preparing the publc opinion, that was very upset about the murder of Pepe, for a second murder, and they blame it on the villagers.

When Pepe was killed, the villagers were angry and said they had got used to him. Is it different for Matilda?

Now we’ll have to wait until they find her, if they ever find her, dead for sure. Hopefully they will keep Hip alive and hand him over to the natural park Jaime Duque, which has said to be interested in giving this baby hippo a home.


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