The danger of more child soldiers (4)

Bad news about child soldiers from two sources. The Dutch webpage of the organisation War Child warns against the increase of the production of small arms because they can easily be handled by children. Colombia’s weekly Cambio published an article a few weeks ago about the left wing guerrilla FARC‘s recruiting of child soldiers.It is no news that there are child soldiers in the FARC. The news is that the guerrilla is recruiting more child soldiers because many of its fighters are deserting or are killed by the army. The average age of the children, according to Cambio, has gone down to not even 12 years, where it was a little less than 13. Families in areas of the FARC’s influence are forced to hand over one of their children to the guerrilla. If those families don’t obey their children or other family members are killed. Many peasants have felt obliged to flee from their region because of this phenomenon.

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