Hippo Pepe’s drama doesn’t stop

Even after his death, Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamus Pepe isn’t left alone. In the village of Guasca, in the centre of Colombia close to Bogotá, a hippopotamus’ head was found. It probably is poor Pepe’s head.

A villager told the police that he had been paid to bury something very big and smelly. A veterinary who had been involved in Pepe’s hunt had paid the villager 15.000 pesos to bury the ‘big and smelly’ thing.

Strange happening after Colombian media published that two foreign hunters had killed Pepe and had demanded Pepe’s head as a trophy.

Many people in Colombia are indignated about Pepe’s death and the way he has been treated afterwards. It must have been in order to avoid the fuss that the vet decided to hide it. He failed.

What will happen to poor Pepe’s head now? For now authorities decided to leave it where the villager buried it. Will it stay there? Will it be watched? Will it be stolen?

A real Colombian story of suspense and sensation. The only difference is that the victim is not a human being but an animal.


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