The tragical death of Pablo’s hippo Pepe

A few weeks ago something happened that many had feared. One of Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses that had escaped from his Hacienda Nápoles, was killed. It was Pepe, the male hippo that had disappeared. People in this region in Colombia only knew where his ‘wife’ and their baby were.Pepe en soldaten 0709

The most curious thing are the circumstances of Pepe’s death. At first is was thought that he was killed by Colombian soldiers, but then it appeared that some foreign hunters who wanted to have Pepe’s head were involved. With permission of the Colombian authorities.

This has caused a scandal in this country where scandals are a daily phenomenon. It seems that the authorities also had planned to have Pepe’s wife killed, but now that Pepe’s death caused such a fuss that they might have changed their minds. The baby’s life seems to be safe anyhow, because Parque Jaime Duque in Tocancipá, close to Bogotá wants to adopt it.

Authorities’ claimed they had Pepe was killed because he was dangerous for the region, but it seems that the villagers had got used to him and entered into mourning when they heard of his death.

Anyhow the last word about Pepe’s death hasn’t been said yet. In the meantime let’s hope that his wife will survive. She is called Matilda.

Right now I hear from Caracol Radio that experts from Africa are travelling to Colombia. The Colombians are thinking of sterilizing the animals that are left: Matilda, her baby (?) and the 27 (!) others, that are still living in the Hacienda Nápoles.

But who knows, thanks to Pablo Escobar in some centuries the hippopotamus is considered an endemic species in Colombia.


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