Struggling with T Mobile or Holland 3

Since my stay in Holland (a bit more than a week) I feel I am being tested. All kinds of funny, nasty or a combination of those situations is getting on my way.

It started on the The Hague train station when a wheel of my suitcase decided to break. I had to drag that stupid suitcase along and immediately some quite uninteresting bored looking guy approached me and asked what had happened. Damsel in distress. But he wasn’t any help. Just was looking for contact.

I thought my new driving license had arrived at my friend’s address, but no, just a letter that I had forgotten to sign the document in which I asked to prolong it. Now I am ansciously waiting for the driving license to arrive before I am leaving to Spain by car with another friend.

And then my mobile phone. First it wasn’t possible to refill it by phone, so I bought a card. A few hours after I had refilled it, my number was blocked. I couldn’t make any phone calls nor send text messages. And I was going to a friend’s house of which I had misunderstood the address. Couldn’t find it, couldn’t call. In Colombia you immediatly approach a person who is selling ‘Minutos’, but Holland is organized in such a way that everybody is self supporting in every sense, so it is a lot more difficult to find help. In the meantime I kept asking myself why that bloody phone was blocked.

Finally a friendly Dutchman offered to use his phone and I found my friend’s house. There I tried to contact the help desk in order to try to deblock my phone. You need to registrate your phone number to get to the help desk but that didn’t work because it was blocked. With the help of my friends I looked for I don’t know how many phone numbers on the T Mobile website and the problem repeated itself many times. The persons I could speak to said they couldn’t help me. The next morning some guy who took pity on me finally found out what it was. I had bought my phone as an Orange mobile phone but T Mobile had bought Orange, and the systems were united. In that process my phone number wasn’t accepted and was blocked. Nothing to be done.

Had to buy new simcard but could keep my number. The boy at the T Mobile shop however told me I had to fill in a form and had to wait at least a week before that could be settled. Then I would almost have left Holland again! So, nw number, send emails and text messages to all the contacts who needed to know that… etc etc. But the smart T Mobile guys hadn’t told me that my phone with an Orange simlock wouldn’t accept the T Mobile simcard. Bought a new phone, without simlock.

In two weeks I will leave Europe and if I don’t return within 6 months I will lose that number as well. From Colombia I cannot use the phone, ‘in order to keep the number alive’. My god, why do those companies make us suffer so much?  Already found out that not only T Mobile has organized it like this.

I call for action please, that all phone companies organize things in such a way that you can use your phone all over the world with reasonable prices to make and receive calls. It is a matter of willingness and of respect of a poor citizen’s time.


And I didn’t tell my last experience with T Mobile yet. It is possible to refill your phone directly from you bank account, with a code. They had given me a code to do that, so I thought everything was allright, why not?

Wrong. When I was in Spain, I discoverd that I had to refill, but the option of refilling through my bank account was temporarily blocked, for three or four days. Result: I couldn’t call and couldn’t be called, because when you are in a foreign country they charge you for being called. Can you understand that I am finished with T Mobile?

But the worst thing is that I believe that the others, Vodaphone, KPN, whoever, are not a bit better.


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3 Responses to “Struggling with T Mobile or Holland 3”

  1. Eliana Says:

    I’ve had better experiences with Vodafone NL. You can buy vodafone credit in Europe (in Spain for example) and fill your credit straight away. I did this in France and Spain.

    But, I think you’ll loose the number after some months of no use… but I’ve no idea how long it can be.

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