Greek nostalgia in the garden (Holland 2)

Except modern life, which keeps surprising me – beneath the kitchen’s oven of which it is still a mystery to me how it works, DSC04164is a ‘department’ where you can warm up the plates – Greek nostalgia in the garden, where I lived fo four years as well.Nice how the neighbours help the friend where I am staying in making a white bench of cement on her terrace. From her terrace you walk straight into the garden that is for common use for the inhabitants of the appartment building.

Part of the white bench is being covered with mosaic stones in white and light and dark blue colours. Together with the abundant vegetation it gives you the impressiof of a holiday resort. And together with especially the sun and the bright blue sky he white and blue bench makes you think you are on a Greek island.

The abundant vegetation however reminds me of Colombia – and makes me also kind of nostalgic – and I can’t help thinking of my fellow Dutch, Tanja Nijmeijer, who in the beginning of the millennium decided to join the left wing guerrilla group FARC and who probably still is living in the Colombian jungle.

And to end with: my friend’s house is in the same appartment building in The Hague where I lived before I decided to leave for Colombia. In October 2002 my adventure in Bogotá started.


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  1. Varicose Veins Says:

    i am a certified Gleek and i really love the TV Show GLEE. Diana is very pretty ~`*

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