Modern life in my home country Holland

DSC04149Since a few days I am in my home country Holland and as always I am surprised about how modern, healthy and clean everyone and everything looks. In Amsterdam I walked across a school. Parents with bikes with huge ‘boxes’  in front to put their kids in were picking up their little thongs. All the bikes looked like they had been bought only yesterday. All the kids seemed to prefer to shout ‘I don’t want’.

I was totally impressed about a friend’s bathroom and huge shower in her new appartment in Amsterdam and in the new kitchen of another friend in The Hague I mistook the fridge for a drawer. The water taps in my friends’ appartments look like you need a course to use them in the right way.

I feel like a foreigner in my home country and ask myself ‘Do I have to come more often?’ I write for Dutch media and have to know what interests and moves people, what thrills them and what outrages them.

Last year a friend told me that the whole country was amd at a guy who had had sex with a pony. It made me giggle: in the Caribbean part of the country where I live, Colombia, people make jokes about men who have sex with donkeys and there is even a village with a donkeybrothel. It is not considered as a abuse and it is neither considered as aberrant. I personally am against mistreatment of animals but firstly I am against mistreatment of human beings. And I have no idea what the pony and the donkeys feel when a human male penetrates them. But I am getting into detail too much about this.

I wonder if other expats feel the same when they are in their home country. Every year I feel I am getting further away, although I like to be in my country, watch it, appreciate it and laugh about it – and laugh about myself -, and of course see my family and friends again. Will keep you informed about my holiday in Holland.


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