Now it is Iran, tomorrow Cuba?

Interesting the protests which are going on in Iran after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected. It is possible that they will go on for quite a time. And even Twitter plays a part, now that the government has severely limited the possibilities of journalists to do their work. The Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez draws a parallel between Cuba and Iran.

Iranian women, painted in 1669

Iranian women, painted in 1669

What happens in Iran, is a lesson for Cuban bloggers, she says. The Iranians are using technology to denounce injustice and the way Cubans are using technology, is just a beginning compared to how far the Iranians are.

She feels frustrated to get to know what happens in the world so slowly. And she has a message for the Iranians which I am glad to transmit here: “Today it’s you, tomorrow it well might be us.”

I want to express my solidarity with the Iranian protesters and also with Yoani Sánchez and all the Cubans who are longing so much to express themselves and be a part of the ‘global community’.

In moments like these I am aware how privileged I am to have access to the internet whenever I want, write my articles how I want and express myself in my blog how I want.

Update: Interesting article in New York Times about Mir Hussein Moussavi, mr. Ahmadinejad’s opponent.

And for the Dutch:

Ik vond het leuk hoe drie bekende Iraniërs in Nederland, waaronder Kader Abdolah, die ik zeer hoog heb (de anderen ken ik niet, moet ik bekennen), zich over de protesten uitten in de Volkskrant. Het heeft de geest van een revolutie, zeiden ze.

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