The Moncayo’s suffering has to end or Piedad 11

It has been eleven years that the soldier Pablo Emilio Moncayo has been a hostage of the FARC. He was supposed to be released, through the mediation of senator Piedad Córdoba, but president Uribe stopped the process because he didn’t want ‘ a political show’ to happen. Now hope has disappeared for the poor guy, thanks to the inhumanity of the FARC and the stubbornness of the president.His desperate father, Gustavo Moncayo, keeps marching through the country, hoping to reach the liberation of his son. Through Court he hoped to force mr. Uribe to admit Piedad Córdoba’s participation in a liberation process, but the judge stated that the FARC are responsible for Pablo Emilio’s kidnapping and not mr. Uribe. Which is certainly true.

But this drama has to end in some way. Therefore I hope that the International Red Cross will be able to move both stubborn enemies, the FARC and mr. Uribe, so that the suffering of the Moncayos will come to an end. The Red Cross asked for ‘generosity’ from both sides. That is what is is, generosity and human feeling, a heart. And not only to help the Moncayos, also for the 20 something other policemen and militaries, who are still suffering in the jungle.


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2 Responses to “The Moncayo’s suffering has to end or Piedad 11”

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