Berlin Wall in Cuba

When the new president Funes was inaugurated in El Salvador, Cuba was an important item. Access to the Organisation of American States was discussed. The New York Times mentioned a ‘New Sign of Thaw’ in the relation between the United States of Obama and Cuba. In the meantime Cuba’s blogger Yoani Sánchez wrote a sad post on her blog.She mentioned a German play, presented in Havana, in which on the scene the Berlin Wall was presented. She drwas a parallel with the Cubans who like the Eastern Germans until 20 years ago don’t have the possibility to cross the wall and have to ‘escape in intimacy, dedicating themselves almost completely to surviving’.

It is not known how fast the United States and Cuba will come to terms in negotiations about more openness between the countries. It seems that for Americans it will be easier to go to Cuba, but when will Cubans finaly be able to travel wherever they want?

In Yoani Sánchez’s blog one almost physically senses that eagerness, that need to get to know, to discover the world.

It will take time. The Castro brothers are not fast in their changes and for example Human Rights Watch has declared itself against Cuban access to the Organisation of American States, for obvious reasons. Hopefully in the meantime Cuba and the United States can get closer and some openness will be reached, for the benefit of especially the Cubans in Cuba.

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