Hurray for Vargas Llosa

Interesting the debate Perú’s writer Mario Vargas Llosa is generating in Venezuela. Not only did he criticize president Chávez for choosing ‘the Cuban way’, also did he start a discussion about liberalism and its antisocial image.

Pity that mr. Chávez didn’t want to accept the challenge of an intellectual discussion. It suits a democratically chosen president to be always open for discussion.

Mr. Vargas Llosa not only criticized mr. Chávez, he also declared himself against the reelection of Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe. The reason, he says, is that a leader shouldn’t change the rules which brought him to power. Obviously mr. Chávez should (have) take(n) that also into account.

I like it that mr. Vargas Llosa, of whom it has never been a secret that he is a right wing intellectual, chooses this independent position and I lament it that mr. Chávez doesn’t want to discuss with him. It would have offered him the opportunity to show that he is not the populist antidemocrat that many accuse him to be. He suffers from the same illness as his Colombian colleague, not supporting disagreement and opposition.

That is why the tv station Globovisión is threatened to be shut down, just like Radio Caracas Televisión a few years ago. It is against the principle of freedom of speech and it is not democratic.

While I am finishing this post, Cuba’s famous blogger Yoani Sánchez writes that Messenger is blocked. Freedom of speech….


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