A new job for Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia’s Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos resigned, because according to the law he has to do it now, if he wants to run for Presidency in 2010. But he is not a candidate, he says. Ups, that is complicated.The big question is if his boss, Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe, will run. If he does so, mr. Santos says he will support mr. Uribe. But he will have sacrified a very big thing: his job as a Defense Minister, in which he lately has had quite a lot of successes. It is said that he has been offered an alternative: the Colombian embassy in the Unted States. But is that what mr. Santos really wants? He definitely wants to be president.

So there are two possibilities. Or mr. Santos has taken a big risk and from the end of the year on will have to support mr. Uribe in his third run for presidency. Or mr. Uribe has already told mr. Santos that he will not run. That is not impossible. Mr. Santos told Colombia’s daily El Tiempo that he ‘has the intuition’ that mr. Uribe will not run.

As long as mr. Uribe will not take a decision (apparantly, because according to the second scheme he already decided NOT to run) , his followers will hope he says yes and as soon as he SAYS he decided not to do it, they will need an alternative. That will be mr. Santos. That’s why he says he supports mr. Uribe’s candidacy. It serves him, because these votes are his.

Or aren’t they? We will see.


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2 Responses to “A new job for Juan Manuel Santos”

  1. Uribe’s moment of truth is approaching « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] and others are ‘patiently’ waiting what happens, like the also former Defense Secretary Juan Manuel Santos. He will only run, if mr. Uribe doesn’t. But like his former boss, mr. Santos is dying to be […]

  2. Juan Manuel Santos will run for presidency « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] are going to make Colombia’s political opinion ready for Santos’s candidature. So my supposition in May, that Uribe and Santos already defined that Santos will run, is becoming more probable. Perhaps they hadn’t decided yet in May, but they may have now. […]

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