Gustavo Moncayo sues Uribe or Piedad 10

gustavo_moncayoEleven days ago I was optimistic about the possibility that more hostages of the FARC in Colombia could be released, perhaps through mediation of the United States. That has appeared to be untrue.

In the meantime Gustavo Moncayo, father of the hostage Pablo Emilio Moncayo, has gone to court in order to force the government to make it possible to liberate his son. The government has prohibited the intermediation of senator Piedad Córdoba and her Colombians for Peace. Since then Pablo Emilio’s liberation is most uncertain.

Moncayo must be absolutely desperate. What a shame that matters of personal interest – the image of Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe vs the image of Piedad Córdoba – seem to be more important than that boy’s freedom. Boy? He was 19 when he was kidnapped. He must be about thirty now. Imagine.

Former president Ernesto Samper has accused Colombia’s president Uribe of frustrating the liberation of Pablo Emilio Moncayo and making a meeting between senator Piedad Córdoba and the American government, to talk about the difficult situation, impossible.

I hope Moncayo’s decision to go to court will help. If not, there is a little hope left, because Cuba has offered mediation.


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2 Responses to “Gustavo Moncayo sues Uribe or Piedad 10”

  1. Madonis Says:

    And of course, it’s not FARC’s fault!

  2. The Moncayo’s suffering has to end or Piedad 11 « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] Gustavo Moncayo, keeps marching through the country, hoping to reach the liberation of his son. Through Court he hoped to force mr. Uribe to admit Piedad Córdoba’s participation in a libera…, but the judge stated that the FARC are responsible for Pablo Emilio’s kidnapping and not mr. […]

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