False positives: Life isn’t worth a thing

I don’t know what I should write about: the false positives or the illegal wire taps, both in Colombia. Both are hot news and both keep me between shock and awe. I will choose the false positives and perhaps come back to you with the wire taps.I have written about the false positives before. I was at a funeral of a victim of this phenomenon in Bogotá.

It is a painful subject for he army, because a false positive means that a person is killed by the army but not in combat and afterwards is presented as a guerrillero or paramilitary killed in a fight. Human rights defenders say false positives are still happening while the army and the government state that it is a problem of the past. I hope the army and the government are right.

What seems so awful to me is that it apparantly is so easy to kill somebody. To get a higher rang in the army, to get a few days off or to get a few hundred pesos (65 euros or 90 dollars). It is so cynical, one wonders how people are able to just murder somebody in order to get something relatively small. Just compare a life with a few days off or 90 dollars.

It is not only the person who actually kills, also the ones who recruit the victims. These in many cases are poor people whom are promised a job by the recruiter. They are transported to a zone they don’t know and killed soon afterwards.

In the Colombian war many cruelties have been commited and still are being committed, from killings with power saws to kidnappings of years and years. But the false positive for me is the most incomprehensible, because there is absolutely no motive, accept that it is convenient for the killer and the victim is poor. And a poor man’s life doesn’t seem to be worth a bloody thing.


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