Indians in Bolivia proud of Evo Morales

I have been travelling in the eastern highlands of Bolivia for a week now and it is clear that the population still loves its president Evo Morales. Here there is a big concentration of the Aymara population. That is where the president has a big support. It is much harder fore himn in the east and north, eg the Santa Cruz and Pando provinces, where politicians are looking for independence

But here in the highlands, La Paz and surroundings and more to the south, people identify with him. Although he hasn’t reached many concrete things yet, indigenous people say that they feel represented. They feel proud, they feel that for the first time in Bolivia’s history the indigenous people are recognized.

“We were treated like animals”, the little shoe polisher Luis in La Paz says. Luis is very much in favour of Evo Morales. He is still going to school and wants to be an accountant. As a shoe polisher he covers his face, like all his colleagues do. “It is a shame to be a shoe polisher.”

In December there are elections and Evo wants to be reelected. His followers are convinced he is going to make it.


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