Chávez gives Galeano’s ‘Open veins’ to Obama

The implicit message was clear when Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez gave the book The open Veins of Latin America, written by the Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano, to the United States president Barack Obama.  Latin America has been plundered by the rich countries and the United States are one of those.

That is quite true but the question is if this is the way to transmit the message. I read the book in 1988 when I travelled to Latin America the first time and I was impressed.

Recently I began to read it again, but wasn’t able to finish. I was bored.

That doesn’t mean that mr. Galeano is wrong. My problem was that the book is rather a pamphlet than an analysis of what had happened. Now, 20 years later, I read with a lot more scepticism. Is the whole reality of foreign firms from rich countries which abuse of the LatiAmerican people, which mr. Galeano describes, completely true? A more objective analysis of the behaviour of those firms in Latin America would be more effective I believe.

I am not an economist or a historian but I guess there are interesting studies about (former) colonies and their economic relations to their former colonizers and without any doubt there is a lot of reason for us richies to blush.

Such a study would make me blush more than mr. Galeano’s ‘Open veins’.

I do not know if mr. Obama feels the same way.

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