Donkey Festival not possible in Holy Week

ezelfestival-0409Each year the village of San Antero in the north of Colombia celebrates its Donkey Festival in the Holy Week. This year the Catholic has protested fiercely, because the festival is not convenient in a week of prayer and contemplation. But I don’t think the Church has any chance.Because as they say in San Antero: “A chicken lays an egg and people celebrate“. Colombia’s daily El Espectador moreover explained last year that the Donkey Festival has a religious origin. On Holy Saturday a representative of Judas passed the village on a donkey to be trialed for his treason of Jesus. That developed into a festival because the San Anteros are very cheerful people.

They also feel they have to honour their donkeys, that still are an important means of transport. And it is a symbol of the Caribbean good humour. People give donkeys the name of a neighbour, a friend or their boy of girl friend.

During the festival the donkeys are dressed up and they participate in a beauty contest, male and female. That is not very religious any more. But the beauty contest is quite a common phenomenon in Colombia. And a radio reporter said: “The donkey is a biblical animal”.

This festival will take place.

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