Clara Rojas regrets accompanying Ingrid Betancourt

Clara Rojas

Clara Rojas

“It  was a blatant stupidity having accompanied Ingrid on her journey to San Vicente del Caguan”, former FARC hostage Clara Rojas told the Spanish press agency EFE. According to the press agency, Rojas states that in the book she is going to publish about her kidnapping in February 2002. The book is expected to be published in Colombia mid April.

Ingrid Betancourt was running for presidency in the beginning of 2002 and wanted to visit San Vicente del Caguan, where just the peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC had failed. The area was still under FARC control. Ingrid was advised not to go but she insisted and Clara joined her out of loyalty and friendship”, as she told EFE.

Their car was stopped by the guerrilla and they were forced to get into another car. Six years later Clara Rojas was liberated thanks to the mediation of Venezuela’s president Chávez and Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba.

She calls the six years lost time.

In the jungle she got a son, Emmanuel. Until now she hasn’t wanted to tell who the father is and if she had a love story with him.

It was already known that the friendship between Ingrid and Clara ended during captivity. Clara mentions a progressive distance after several attempts of the two women to escape.

To Spain’s daily El País Clara told that she felt extremely lonely during captivity.


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5 Responses to “Clara Rojas regrets accompanying Ingrid Betancourt”

  1. Landolfo D'Aquino Says:

    Ms. Clara is adept at using the retrospectoscope. Throughout Betancourt’s presidential campaign, she was MORE than willing to follow Ingrid’s strategic and tactical lead. Now she apparently is finding more personal “capital” in criticizing her former friend. As the saying goes, “all politics is local.” Triste, muy triste.

  2. Armando Ynga Says:

    With regard to Mr. Landolfo D’Aquino just one comment “you get to know a person under stressful circumstances” and apparently Mrs. Betancourt did not stand up to the situation or at least many people that shared captivity with her so suggest that all she was interested in was her on well being and was willing to double cross any one, if that gave her an edge. I believe that the government (Columbian) and the international community should look into this. I believe that you don’t live in a country that has had terrorist activity and probably live in country’s like France were people have a romantic view of FARK, SHAINING PATH, TUPAMARUS, ELM and other terrorist groups that have hit South America in the last 50 years and have had the support of one to many “human right organizations” as there allays, the ones that have never stood up for the real victims of terrorist, that are the citizens ,the bystanders.
    And from Mrs. Rojas declarations she has no interested in politics any longer. And has not made a big fuse over her captivity or release, the same can not be said about Mrs. Betancourt, that immediately after her liberation had to take center stage and play victim and saver, supporting terrorists instead of condemning them for what they are, a horse is a horse and you cant call it a dog, Mrs. Betancourt’s attitude and words are an insult to all Latinos and dose not deserve any respect except that as a human

  3. Clara Rojas forgives Ingrid Betancourt « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] also told the Spanish press agency EFE that it was a blatant stupidity to have accompanied Ingrid on her journey to San Vicente del Caguán, when the FARC were still in […]

  4. Landolfo D'Aquino Says:

    I knew Ingrid Betancourt when she was a student in Paris and throughout her political career in Colombia, while I was a resident of Colombia. Ingrid received the lion’s share of media attention upon her release because she was the captive with international name recognition and a prior political career. The three American so-called “military contractors” (read: CIA operatives) deserved no attention and little sympathy.

  5. Adriana Gutierrez Says:

    “The three American so-called “military contractors” (read: CIA operatives) deserved no attention and little sympathy.”

    And you justify this position how? They were human beings deprived of their liberty! you sound as arrogant as your friend.

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