FARC should behave at Easter time or Piedad 7

Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe called the leftist guerrilla group FARC to at least stop killing during Easter time. Mr. Uribe actually wants them to stop violence during four months. That was his reaction to the FARC’s proposal to negotiate a humanitarian agreement. This agreement would be about an exchange of hostages and guerrilleros in prison.At first mr. Uribe’s reaction to the FARC’s proposal was negative, but after for example the Catholic Church showed itself in favour of negotiations, the president gave in a little.

22 soldiers and policemen are still being held hostage by the FARC, according to their families. But the guerrilla says they are only 20. The families of the hostages of course are very worried about this.

Piedad Córdoba, the senator who has been pushing most towards negotiations between the government and the guerrilla, has asked for a meeting with mr. Uribe. It is not known yet if the president is willing to meet Piedad and her Colombians for Peace, whom he has called the intellectual block of the FARC.

Piedad and Colombians for Peace wrote a letter to the FARC in which they proposed negotations. The guerrilla reacted positively and ever since they have written three letters each. It looks as if it is especially up to mr. Uribe if the negotations will really start.

For sure he will not be very enthusiastic about a meeting with Piedad Córdoba and Colombians for Peace, but the tragedy of the 22 (or 20??) policemen and soldiers and their families has to end.


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