FARC want to negotiate or Piedad 6

The leftist guerrilla group FARC in Colombia wants to negotiate with the government about a humanitarian agreement, in which hostages of the FARC are exchanged with guerrilla fighters in prison. The controversial senator Piedad Córdoba said that the guerrilla is ready to talk immediately.

pablo-catatumbo-0309It even appointed a spokesman, commander ‘Pablo Catatumbo’ (photo), who supposedly is close to highest commander, Alfonso Cano.

The question is what Colombia’s president, Álvaro Uribe, is going to do. He is not very fond of negatiations and wants to erradicate the FARC as soon as he can. Moreover he has called Córdoba and her Colombians for Peace the intellectual block of the FARC.

But Piedad and Colombians for Peace have written three letters to the guerrilla in order to convince them to liberate hostages and negotiate with the government. They have liberated six hostages and they have said yes. So what can mr. Uribe do? He will do what he believes brings him more support from the Colombian people. Because next year there will be elections.

Of course the president’s decision also depends on what the FARC are going to ask.

But it would be a great thing if the last twenty something soldiers and policemen who are still in captivity could return to freedom. Pablo Moncayo for example is going to complete 12 years. He was kidnapped when he was nineteen. He lost his youth in the jungle. His father Gustavo has crossed Colombia on foot to convince the government and the guerrilla that a humanitarian agreement is necessary.

I hope the president says yes and the FARC are going to be modest in their demands. This tragedy has to end.


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