HIV doesn’t exist

New aids news from Colombia. Molecular biologist Roberto Giraldo told Caracol Radio that HIV doesn’t exist and that aids is not sexually transmitted. He says it is a toxic disease that is transmitted by ‘toxic persons’. As a consequence the immunological system of the intoxicated person is destroyed.

According to the Colombian radiostation Caracol mr. Giraldo is a member of a group of 5000 researchers in 75 countries who do research on the issue of immunological diseases.

Mr.Giraldo told Caracol that for example depressed people have more chance to be intoxicated with aids.

He doesn’t agree with the Pope, who in Africa manifestated himself against the use of condoms, for example to prevent aids. The use of condoms is necessary to prevent venereal diseases, mr. Giraldo says.

Another Colombian, Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto, said a while ago he had probably found a cure for aids.


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