Pablo Escobar’s male hippo is gone

According to Wikipedia the hippo opens its mouth when it feels threatened

According to Wikipedia the hippo opens its mouth when it feels threatened

News about Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses, says Colombia’s daily El Tiempo. They are separated. The male escaped after peasants near the small town of Puerto Berrío fired at him. Veterinarians who follow the two hippos which escaped Pablo‘s Hacienda Nápoles 1,5 years ago, suppose the animal escaped through a small river because the rivers have grown after the heavy rains.

They lost track of the male. The female however is still being followed by the veterinarians and has a baby.

They have planned to catch these two animals within a few weeks. The idea is to hide an iron cage in the vegetation and attract the animals’ attention with food.

Then the biggest problem starts, however. Where can they bring the mother and her baby and how are they going to transport them? Zoos and ecological farms have not been willing to accept the hippos until now.

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2 Responses to “Pablo Escobar’s male hippo is gone”

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