FARC founder Tirofijo was never found

tirofijo-2-0309Tirofijo or Manuel Marulanda, founder and big boss of the FARC in Colombia, died about a year ago. His body has never been found.  I have to correct a post that I wrote a while ago about his burial. The man on the picture in my post is another guy. I think that the man who is sitting in this picture is Tirofijo, although the man with the hat and the poncho on his left also looks like him.This weekend Colombia’s daily El Tiempo published a feature about Tirofijo’s death. The newspaper travelled 1380 kilometres, the area where he probably moved around while he was still alive. The Colombian army has been looking for his body, but hasn’t been able to find it, although it has offered a lot of money to people who can give information.

According to El Tiempo Tirofijo’s girlfriend Sandra had the four men who buried him killed in order to keep the secret where his grave is.

It seems that the army wants to know what was the cause of his death. It is al most funny to oberserve how both the army and the FARC in their press releases try to harm the image of the enemy. For the army it is important to show that Tirofijo died of stress, because of the pressure of the army in the area where he was operating.

Anyway, Tirofijo was an old man, almost eighty years, living in not very comfortable circumstances in the Colombian jungle and yes, probably haunted by the army.

His fight against social injustice ended in a stupid war, whose fuel is drugs trade and in which thousands of Colombians have died. Hundreds are still being kept a hostage. While social injustice still exists.


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