Have mercy on Piedad (5)

I was so busy with the news about Plan Colombia and the false positives these days, that I forgot about my dear Piedad. Poor senator Piedad Córdoba, who is always accused of supporting the FARC got a letter from two very powerful (ex?) rightwing paramilitary warlords: Salvatore Mancuso and Don Berna.They need her help. They want to tell more about the crimes they committed in Colombia and they want to compensate their victims. I don’t believe they have become saints now. There has to be some strategic motive. Perhaps they want to revenge themselves on Colombia’s president Uribe, who extradited them to the United States because that country wants to trial them for drugs trade. While they have committed hundreds of crimes against humanity in their home country, Colombia. Or perhaps they are afraid that afterwards they will be trialed by the International Criminal Court, who knows.

Opponents of mr. Uribe’s government say that he extradited them to prevent that they would give too much information about ties with politicians and especially politicians close to the president, or perhaps even ties with the president himself. Many opponents accuse him of being a paramilitary or having ties with the paramilitaries. Just like he accuses them of being a guerrilla or having ties with the guerrilla.

And now it seems ironic to me that the paramilitaries are looking for the support of someone they always have despised and someone who has even been their victim because she was kidnapped by the paramilitaries: Piedad Córdoba.

I don’t know how this is going to continue but it is interesting. With her group Colombians for Peace she definitely is going to continue to search the liberation of more FARC hostages. And besides she is going to do an effort to help the paramilitaries as well, or more, their victims, because it is their interest that the former warlords confess more crimes. And that they do it soon, because if the victims have to wait for the International Criminal Court, they have to wait for years.

Let’s see what happens. I wish Piedad much luck, wisdom AND energy.

She is going to need it very badly, because a day after I have  written this post, I read in  Colombia’s daily El Tiempo a column by political analyst León Valencia which worries me. Valencia writes that mr. Uribe uses the famous ex FARC commander Karina to convince the Colombians that Piedad, Colombians for Peace and the FARC want to reach an agreement to reach power in Colombia. I hope Valencia is wrong, but I fear he is not.


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