Plan Colombia and false positives

Whether the government of Colombia likes it or not, the human rights issue will be important these years in the relation with the United States. First the problem of the false positives has to be solved before the American Senat can send 72 million dollar concerning military support (Plan Colombia) to Colombia, Patrick Leahy, influential Democrat, told Colombia’s daily El TiempoThe Colombian army is seriously questioned for having killed innocent poors and afterwards telling they were guerrillas killed in a fight with the army (i.e. a false positive).

The government has taken measures and the problem has been solved, Colombia’s defense minister Juan Manuel Santos emphasized several times. But still new cases of false positives are being revealed.

Yesterday El Tiempo published about seven killings in the province of Boyacá, north of Bogotá.

Read also my post The heritage of a false positive, about the funeral of a peasant from the province of Putumayo.


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