Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas (2)

Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas, former hostages of the FARC are both in the news today.Ingrid is going to seperate from her husband Jean Carlos Lecompte and Clara is finishing her book about six years captivity in the FARC. According to Colombia’s radio station Caracol Clara will finish her book in April.

Colombia’s daily El Tiempo in an article about Betancourt’s separation mentions her relation with Luis Eladio Pérez in the jungle. I don’t know if that is the reason, after having read Out of Captivity, by the former American hostages Keith Stansell, Thomas Howes and Marc Gonsalves.

The Americans in a part of their book describe that Ingrid is a complicated person an they also write about her relationship with Pérez. But that is only during a relatively small part of their captivity. And what about Jean Carlos? Has he been true all the time? He would be a saint if he has.

The saddest thing is that there is a lot of suffering during the captivity, from the hostages as well as their families. And after the liberation in some cases a new suffering begins: it appears that the spouses grew apart. What can you expect after such a long time? It almost seems a miracle that marriages like that of Óscar Lizcano survived.

I liked very much what the wife of Luis Eladio Pérez, Angela, said in an interview with El Tiempo: “Who can judge them?” (that is persons among the hostages who start a relationship). When her husband still was in the jungle with the FARC, she heard rumours that something was going on between him and Ingrid. She decided not to panic and wait for his liberation.

He explained to her that it was friendship and that they needed eachother. She understood. What a great woman. She told El Tiempo that they are in therapy now, because they understand that they need it after all they have been through.

In the meantime everybody is curious of course what Clara Rojas is writing about her experiences as a hostage of the FARC. Until now she has not been willing to tell personal things about others nor judge them. Probably her book will be quite different from Out of Captivity.

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