The lion of paramilitary Macaco

img_9193img_9265It seems that former paramilitary warlord Macaco in Colombia had a peculiar way to frighten his enemies when they owed him something, usually money, I suppose.

He threatened them with a lion. This is not a press release of a human rights organisation, but of the police. I think it is nice for you to get to know Macaco’s lion.

The pictures made me laugh, but actually I don’t know if the animal really killed people and if so, how many. Because one thing is clear: Macaco is a butcher, whose hands are soaked in blood. He is in a United States prison now, where he is being trialed for drugs trade. The families of his victims in Colombia are very worried that they will never know the complete truth about the crimes he committed in Colombia, especially killings and disappearances.

(And before some of you blame me for only criticizing the paramilitaries, the guerrilla warlords are also butchers whose hands are soaked in blood).

More news about the lion in El Tiempo. They are not sure if Macaco really fed his victims to the savage beast.


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