Lula is going to meet Obama

lula-0309Interesting the news today that Brasil’s president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is the first Latin American leader who is going to talk with Barack Obama, president of the Unitd States.

Oil is one of the subjects they are going to talk about. It appears that in Brasil’s coastal zone there are some huge amounts of oil to be exploited. And there is a danger for Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez. If he doesn’t take care and changes his aggressive discourse towards the United States, Obama will go to Lula for his oil. Venezuela has been an important provider of the United States’s oil until now, but that can change.

Lula has shown that he is a moderate and intelligent statesman these last years. And it seems that he is not going to make the same mistake as his colleagues in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, who are so eager to stay in power. Colombia’s newspaper El Espectador wrote an interesting article about it.

I hope he and Obama will get along well. It is important for Latin America that it develops a mature relationship with its powerful northern neighbour.

It could moderate the presidents of Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, who have a bad relationship with the United States.

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