With love from Denmark for the FARC

Are they naive or stupid? The Danish clothing company Fighters and Lovers make T-shirts to raise funds for the communist guerrilla group FARC in Colombia. The FARC are no sweet Robin Hoods. They kill, kidnap, recruit child soldiers and extort money, not only from the rich, also from the poor. Don’t those Danish boys and girls know that? Have they ever met a landmine victim? Have they ever been in Colombia? The Danish Supreme Court is looking at the case now.

In the meantime my fellow Dutch citizen Tanja Nijmeijer is fighting with the FARC in the Colombian jungle. I don’t understand that either ad it makes me angry that a young woman with a university career has joined this stupid cause. There are better ways to make Colombia a socially juster country. Because yes, that is true. There is a lot of inequality and the rich don’t care a damn about the poor. But I believe that the FARC don’t care a damn about the poor either.

Lately they killed 27 Awá indians, supposedly because they were helping the army. A friend of mine who was in the region to make a film about the Awá told me that the FARC had told the indians where they had laid landmines, in order to prevent them to step on them. The mines were meant for the army. The army passed the zone and nothing happened, so the guerrilla thought the indians had warned the army because of the mines. Perhaps they had. What happens if you don’t want to tell the army where the guerrilla has laid mines? The army considers that you support the FARC. You are in big trouble then. There is no way out.

The Awá are trapped. There is no escape from violence, be it from the FARC or from the army or the right wing paramilitaries, who are also in the region. And those Danish pay the FARC so they can buy arms, ammunition and explosives and so more people will die in this bloody useless war. The majority of the people who die are innocent civilians. Nothing to be proud of.

Also read the column in El Tiempo, written by Spanish journalist Salud Hernández on the matter.


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