Vatican against abortion raped girl (9)

In one of my last posts I was talking about women in Afghanistan and Colombia, explaining that the rules to cover your whole body or on the contrary to show it as much as you can, com from the same machismo view on the female body.

Obviously the rul to cover yourself completely is associated with strict islam. And there exists a lot of criticism of that, which I subscibe. I believe that each and every radicalism, be it in politics or relgion or whatever is wrong.

I also believe that the Vatican is being radical in its view on women, sex and reproduction. It makes me angry to read that the church condemns the abortion of a 9 year old girl in Brasil who got pregnant through a rape. Imagine, oblige a girl of 9 to carry a child and give birth. Is that human? I don’t think so. I am glad the girl could have her abortion in a legal way and therefore in completely human and responsible circumstances.


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