Martin Sombra or Out of Captivity 4

martin_sombraThis evening I read an article about an important FARC commander who is in jail, Martin Sombra. He feels abandoned by the FARC and he is afraid to be  extradited to the United States, according to Colombia’s daily El Espectador. He has his own version of what happened. He tried to make life nice to the hostages and he took care of Clara Rojas, at the moment she gave birth to Emmanuel, he says. I understand from a person who was in the same jail department as Sombra that she has visited him there. So he must have been honest in some way. He took care of her.

Everybody has his own story: why did this man end up in the FARC? Is he bad? Supposedly he is a terrorist killer who has to be finished with as soon as possible. But even my fellow Dutch citizen Liduine Zumpolle, who is very critical and cynical about the FARC, doesn’t think he is a bad man, as she told to our weekly Vrij Nederland. Liduine is the spokeswoman of Manos por la Paz (Hands for Peace), a group of guerrilleros in prison who want to abandon arms and cooperate with justice.

According to El Espectador Sombra agrees with the three American former FARC hostages Keith Stansell, Thomas Howes and Marc Gonsalves, who wrote the book Out of Captivity, in their observation of Ingrid Betancourt’s behaviour. It seems almost funny to me that the newspaper writes that commander Raúl Reyes, who was killed in a bombing by the Colombian army a year ago, also complained about Ingrid Betancourt’s behaviour. She wanted a special treatment. At least she has guts, you can’t deny that.

If you want to have a better impression of Sombra, watch this video. He even has a sense of humour.

The latest news in El Espectador is that Sombra participated in the kidnapping of Luis Eladio Pérez.

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