Ingrid Betancourt is just a human being

ibetancourt-0209The three Americans who were held hostages by the FARC in Colombia together with Ingrid Betancourt, Marc Gonsalves, Keith Stansell and Thomas Howes, criticized her in their book Out of Captivity.

The Colombian daily El Tiempo writes that they call her arrogant and egoist. The New York Times even writes that she complained because her mattress was blue.

More and more tensions between former hostages are being published. A while ago it appeared that the relationship between Ingrid and Clara Rojas was bad.

And now this new information occurs.

I am not a fan of Ingrid Betancourt, as I wrote in my former posts about her. The reason is that I have read  her Rabia en el corazón (Rage in my heart). I hated her after 10 pages of that book. It describes that she is the about the only not corrupt politician in Colombia. I thought it would be good for me to read it completely, to know something more about the politicial situation of Colombia, because I was going to live there. But it was a waste of time.

Now I must admit that I am enjoying a little bit the fuss now about her behaviour in the jungle, because since she was kidnapped and talked of as a saint I felt quite ill humoured. I thought it so stupid and naive. I feel a lot more respect for people like Alan Jara or Consuelo González, also former FARC-hostages. When Ingrid was released and made her Latin American tour I felt confirmed in my aversion, as I wrote in those former posts.

But I recognize that everybody has his own version of what happened and that circumstances in such a FARC-camp must be hell.  Who is going to be a saint there?

Anyhow, Ingrid as well as Clara are writing a book, so there will be more to talk about.

Interesting to read a complete different view on the whole matter, by Colombian columnist María Isabel Rueda. According to her the three Americans are jealous of Ingrid Betancourt because they lack her intellectual and cultural level. Poor ignorant and illiterate gringos.


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8 Responses to “Ingrid Betancourt is just a human being”

  1. Landolfo D'Aquino Says:

    I put little credence in the captivity accounts of three American military “contractors”. Throughout her brief career, Ingrid was a breath of fresh air for Colombian politics. I know because I was living there before, during, and after her time as an activist.

    Landolfo D’Aquino MD ThD

  2. Troconeitor Says:

    I completely agree with your interpretation of the facts. I myself never trusted this woman, if you analyze the way she talks, her movements in front of TV cameras, and her whole discourse, and do it so without any bias or “passion”, it is easy to realize that everything about her can be resumed in one simple word… MANIPULATION. Just make a “cold” evaluation of the last (and famous) video/picture of her while in captivity, you have got to be plain stupid not to realize that she is posing.

  3. wiesubags Says:

    I didn’t trust that picture of her either, Troconeitor, and I have serious doubts about the sincerity of the lady, but I must say that Landolfo also has a point, when he says that he was in Colombia at the time of Ingrid’s ‘fresh air’ in politics. I was still in Holland in that period and only can depend on my impression from her book.
    If she can really offer a fresh air, all the better, because Colombia needs it.

  4. Landolfo D'Aquino Says:

    As far back as I remember (when she was a student in Paris and later a politician in Colombia), Ingrid has been a magnet for jealousy and a target for social criticism. No one but her political opponents (usually right wing and or/corrupt insiders) has taken serious issue with her politics. Certainly, any comments made by American military “contractors” (read CIA affiliates) merits not a single column inch of print space.

    She has not been always a shrewd politician, but she has always a sincere and honest one. That in itself is a rarity for Colombia

  5. wiesubags Says:

    I am a left wing journalist, Landolfo 😉 , although I always hesitate to say that in this terribly polarized country, where left wing people easily are accused of supporting the FARC. (And in my work I try to be as neutral as possible. This blog is a way to express my feelings)
    The Betancourt thing is a personal impression. As far as I am concerned her political preference doesn’t matter. I think for the three Americans it was also a personal matter. Don’t believe it has to do with political preferences or the CIA.

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    […] Thomas Howes and Marc Gonsalves, who wrote the book Out of Captivity, in their observation of Ingrid Betancourt’s behaviour. It seems almost funny to me that the newspaper writes that commander Raúl Reyes, who was killed […]

  7. Clara Rojas regrets accompanying Ingrid Betancourt « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] Ingrid Betancourt was running for presidency in the beginning of 2002 and wanted to visit San Vicente del Caguan, where just the peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC had failed. The area was still under FARC control. Ingrid was advised not to go but she insisted and Clara joined her out of loyalty and friendship”, as she told EFE. […]

  8. Will Ingrid Betancourt take revenge? « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] The first ones were the American hostages Keith Stansell, Thomas Howes and Marc Gonsalves. They published Out of Captivity, in which they describe the horrors of being a FARC hostage. They also mention Betancourt and her according to them not very nice way of being. They call her egoist and arrogant. […]

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