Guerrilla girl puts to sleep her boss and escapes

The nicest news in Colombia yesterday: a guerrilla girl of the smaller guerrilla group ELN puts to sleep her commander with a herb called ‘tunda’ and escapes with 14 other fighters.

Her commander survived but this is more humiliating than be killed and chopped off your hand, as happened to Iván Ríos of the FARC. That commander will be mad with rage!

It is like in a fairy tale. I don’t know what made the girl decide to do this and not for example kill him. Death must be such a common thing for those people, as it apparantly was for Rojas, the fighter who killed Ríos. I don’t know what is riskier, but the fact that nobody died and that so many guerrilleros could escape is great.

And another thing: it happened in the southwest department of Nariñon, where all the groups are fighting eachother: the FARC; ERLN, new paramilitary groups and of course the army.

It is the same region where the Awá indians suffer so much from this stupid war and are accused by everbody to be the other’s supporter. The FARC killed 27 indians because of that (allthough the guerrilla only recognizes eight killings).

Fifteen fighters less to hound the Awá.


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