Vicente Hernández is blasphemy in Barranquilla Carnival

The Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Hernández is coming to Barranquilla to sing in the Carnival. He is already an older fellow, with big Mexican hats and a big moustache, the tipical macho man who conquers a lot of hembras, like they say here: female animals.vicente-hernandez-0209When I was in the Guacherna a week ago, this is a parade which is organized at night a week before the real Carnival, we past a bar where Hernández voice was heard. One of my friends in the parade was shocked: we don’t put that paisa-music here.

That needs an explanation. Colombians always say about their country that it is country of different regions. The Caribbean coast, where Barranquilla is situated, is one of them and Antioquia in the west, with its capital Medellín, is another one. In Antioquia and the neighbour departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, you can find the paisas. They are known for their huge meals and a lot of other things and they are known for their love of ranchera-music.

But costeños, as the Caribbeans are called, are no paisas and the Barranquilla Carnival has its own particular folklore music, of which the Barranquilleros are very proud. So imagine Vicente Hernández at Carnival in Barranquilla. That is like blasphemy.

And indeed, today Colombia’s daily El Tiempo published an article about a big discussion between the radical Carnival lovers who despise this music during their fiesta and the more flexible ones who say Hernández is famous and very much appreciated in Colombia.

Let’s see if the place will be full that night. I guess so, frankly speaking. Because above all Barranquilleros love a good party, no matter what kind of music it is.


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