Chávez wins, but opposition is getting strong

Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez can be reelected in 2013, but a victory then is not certain yet. The first step has been made however. Chávez won a referendum which makes it possible for him to be reelected eternally.

He won 54.4 percent of the votes, while the opposition got 45.6 percent. That means that Venezuela is quite divided on the issue. The elections in 2013 will be interesting. The opposition is optimistic about its possiblities in the election year, according to Venezuela’s daily El Nacional. The gap is closing, one of the opposition leader said.

Interesting was the comment of mr. Chávez’s colleague in Colombia, Álvaro Uribe. He called mr. Chávez’s victory ‘a democratic triumph‘, as Colombia’s daily El Tiempo said.

For mr. Uribe the vistory of his colleague is a nice precedent. The president has reelection ambitions as well, but like Chávez he has been criticized for it. It is still unsure if mr. Uribe will run for another term. Like mr. Chávez he needs a change of constitution.

Also read my post on the reelection ambitions of four Latin American presidents: Chávez, Uribe, Correa (Ecuador) and Morales (Bolivia). I think it is worrying that democratically chosen presidents cling to power so much.

And indeed the latest news is that in Colombia as well as Bolivia people start to talk about the benefits of eternal reelection when there is a good leader.

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