Child soldiers in Colombia (2)

Unicef‘s representative in Colombia, Paul Martin, warned against the recruitment of more child soldiers in Colombia. The reason is that the country will be poorer in the near future because of the world wide recession. The problem according to Unicef is that the guerrilla and new paramilitary groups will offer the children things they cannot get at their poor homes and even, in the case of paramilitaries, a good salary.

But the armed groups have a problem as well, Martin says. From the 1st of November Colombia will be a full member of the International Criminal Court. That means that the recruitment of children can be judged by this court. It is considered a crime against humanity.

Martin in fact says the same as Alan Jara, former hostage of the FARC, when he was released. Jara said that the FARC are not as weak as many people think. An important reason, Jara said, is that youngster and children feel they have no feature. Jara as accused of sympathizing with the FARC, but he just said the truth.

Read also my first post on child soldiers.


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6 Responses to “Child soldiers in Colombia (2)”

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