Alan Jara in ‘intellectual block’

Alan Jara, former hostage of the FARC and lately released, has joined Colombians for Peace, signalled by Colombia’s president Uribe of being the intellectual block of the FARC.Jara is one of the few former hostages who sticks to his word and who is working hard to get the exchangeable rest – 22 policemen and soldiers – free.

The day he was liberated he fiercely criticized the government because he thought it had done too little to reach a humanitarian agreement to exchange hostages for guerrilleros in prison. He said the FARC were less weak than the government and the army are saying.

Immediately he had to defend himself he was not supporting the FARC and he didn’t suffer from the Stockholm syndrome.

What a shame. As if saying that the FARC are stronger than imagined is the same as supporting them.

In the meantime former hostages are worried about mr. Uribe’s more radical point of view concerning the humanitarian agreement. The president has said he doesn’t want to exchange guerrilleros for hostages. He wants the FARC to liberate all the hostages.

Colombia’s daily El Tiempo said that the president wants to increase the efforts to rescue hostages. Familiy members of the hostages are very much against that. It is known that the FARC kill their hostages as soon as they are awre the army is near.


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