Arts Carnival in Barranquilla or Colombia es pasión (3)

dsc03281Writer and columnist Óscar Collazos in Colombia wrote it in his column in daily El Tiempo today. The Arts Carnival in Barranquilla is marvellous. It is a declaration of peace and cheerful madness in this country full of war. It is an ode to the slogan Colombia es pasión, which was created to promote this violent country.

I was invited to be in the Carnival because the Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel was a guest of honour. The Carnival is full of interesting artists from Colombia and abroad. Unfortunately Sylvia didn’t see anything of it, because she had to return to Holland before the festival really started.

The Arts Carnival is organised by the Fundación La Cueva, led by Heriberto Fiorillo. If you plan to go to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, don’t just go to Cartagena and Santa Marta. Do go to Barranquilla and visit La Cueva (The Cave). They organize a lot of interesting cultural events. And they are really nice people.

La Cueva is a place full of history. Artists like the writer García Márquez and the painter Obregon used to meet there and chat and drink and do crazy things as well.


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