FARC kill 17 Awá indians in Colombia

It is hard to believe. While FARC-commander Alfonso Cano is mentioning negotiations with Piedad Córdoba and her ‘intellectuals’, his people in the south west department of Nariño kill 17 Awá indians.

Who do the FARC think they are? Piedad and her group are risking their lives to start negotiations with them because they are accused of supporting them. And they commit a horrendous crime. Human Rights Watch condemned the killings today.

It is probably the same story as always: the Awá are accused of collaborating with the FARC’s enemies, the smaller guerrilla group ELN, the Colombian army and the new paramilitary groups.

The guerrilla as well as the paramilitaries use these ‘tactics’ to terrorize the population. The Awá are living one of the most difficult situations of the whole country. The area is said to be full of landmines and quite a number of indians have been victim of the mines already.

The latest news is that Colombians for Peace wants the FARC to respond for their act. Moreover 10 more Awá were killed.
Read also my column on the subject in Colombia Reports.

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3 Responses to “FARC kill 17 Awá indians in Colombia”

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