Obama embraces Bin Laden in Barranquilla

On the picture you see me with Obama and Bush

On the picture you see me with Obama and Bin Laden

It is February and in Barranquilla in the Caribbean part of Colombia the period of Carnival has begun. At the moment the Carnaval de las artes – the Arts Carnival – is going on.It is an an atmosphere full of beautifully dressed up people in which the Barranquillians can meet national and international artists. Very colourful indeed. In the costumes you can recognize Colombia┬┤s past. Indians and blacks are represented in many ways.

There are also references to politics. ‘George Bush’frequently gets thrown a shoe to his face and ‘Bin Laden‘ is there every year with his joyful presence. He embraces women.

Yesterday evening I saw ‘Obama’ in a show in which the famous salsa musician Johnny Pacheco was being interviewed. The orchestra which was with Pacheco played his music. It was wonderful, the audience went mad.

But anyway ‘Obama’and ‘Bin laden’got along very well. Many people took their picture together. One would want it were the real world.

The real Carnival starts the 21st of February this year but I recommend the Arts Carnival as well. In both you can enjoy the beautiful music of the Caribbean region in Colombia. Move your hips.


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