Have mercy on Piedad (2)

Poor Piedad. Four hostages of the FARC liberated and apparantly trouble because the liberation was delayed. The Colombian journalist Jorge Enrique Botero accused the army of taking military action while the liberation process was starting. The government of Colombia wanted her out of the liberation process, because of all the fuss and the apparant advantage the FARC were taking in the liberation ‘show’.But now Piedad Córdoba is in again, as El Tiempo wrote. The Red Cross asked for it and that obviously cannot be refused. It is better they ask it than the FARC. How will this go on? Everybody seems to want to take advantage and improve its image, as the great well doer. Although I must say that Piedad, who is far from modest, has been very quiet these days, just working on her goal, to get the hostages free.

Colombia’s president Uribe doesn’t like this initiative, but she is the only one who gets results. I wouldn’t wonder if the army would be preparing a second Operation Jaque, which is fine as well. (In the first one Ingrid Betancourt and 14 other hostages were rescued). The main thing is that the hostages will enter into freedom.

There is good news now for Piedad. The Colombian journalist Daniel Samper Pizano says that Piedad is a garantee for peace.


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