The burial of FARC’s leader Tirofijo

In Colombia he was as mythical as the legendary Che Guevara, FARC’s commander Tirofijo (sure shot). He died last year, supposedly of a heart attack.

tirofijo-0209The Colombian army says that it was because of the tension its presence caused so near to the camp of Tirofijo or Manuel Marulanda, the other nom de guerre of this man, who was born as Pedro Marín. It might be true what the army says.

Now Colombia’s daily La Nación published a picture of the dead Tirofijo. A young guerrillera who deserted from the FARC told the newspaper that the last days of his life he had constant heart attacks and was sweating all the time.

With the picture it is showed that Tirofijo at least had a decent burial. The heroic death of a Robin Hood, who fought for the poor, or the disgraceful end of a criminal who killed, kidnapped and extorted?

Many of the FARC’s victims were thrown into a hole in the jungle.

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