Venus on a motel in Cali


The mayor in the town of Cali in the south of Colombia has a peculiar problem. The owner of a motel put a gigantic Venus of Milo on the roof. According to the daily El Tiempo it is 16 metres high.

The mayor considers the staue a danger for the surroundings of the motel.

I think I have to explain something here, because in Colombia a motel is not the same as in the United States for example. It is a place where lovers meet for the time they need to hav sex and after that they leave. The name of this motel with the beautiful Venus above is Kiss Me.

Now this lady caused a legal battle, because apart from the dangers she might cause, the mayor says that the owner of Kiss Me didn’t ask permission to put the statue.

Unfortunately for the mayor the battle can take years. In the meantime Cali can enjoy its Venus of Milo, as the owner of Kiss Me had imagined.

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2 Responses to “Venus on a motel in Cali”

  1. juan manual ortiz Says:

  2. cali Says:

    you are mean why is that town not butiful like me? uh lame.

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