Colombia es pasión (2)

As I said in my post Colombia es pasíon the government in Colombia is doing everything to improve the image of the country. It is eager to prove that Colombia is not only the biggest exporter of cocaine, but is also a beautiful country with hard working people where you can have a great time. That is why I had to laugh about an article which Colombia’s daily El Tiempo published today. It appears that there are people who organize narcotours for travellers in Colombia.

The police caught two men who were giving such a drugs tour to five Americans.

The sad part of the story is that they also captured the peasant who rented her farm to show the processing of coca to cocaine to the five foreigners. The villains had paid her 10.000 pesos (4,40 dollar or 3,40 euro) for that.

The Americans were captured as well, but a judge ordered to release them. I don’t understand why.

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