Gay ex paramilitary wants to dress like a woman

The ironies of life: the aversion of (ex)-paramilitaries in Colombia against gays and transsexuals is well known. In the socalled social cleansing by paramilitaries and other irregular groups gays and transsexuals have been victims of killings. And now Colombia’s daily El Tiempo publishes an article about Faiber Narváez, ex-paramilitary, who is in prison. He wants to be called Mireya.

Mireya was almost killed as well, by her own troop, because she was discovered. In prison at last she felt free to claim her right to express her free personality. The judge granted her claim and now she can dress as she wishes.

Through a gay boyfriend she got to know the paramilitaries in Bogotá. Her being gay made it easier to be a killer because nobody would suspect that a faggot would do that.

There are many gays in this prison, she told El Tiempo, but they don’t dare to show it.

Read also my post about transsexual Zapotecs in Mexico, to get to know a quite different perception of homosexuality and transsexuality, from an unexpected angle.

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