Obama and Uribe

Within Colombia there have been a lot of criticisms about its lack of foreign policy. The only real friend of Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe is/was the president of the United States George Bush. And mr. Bush is leaving.

Now the Colombian government has the task to build a good relationship with mr. Obama’s government as well. It will be a bit difficult because there is not so much as a chemistry between mr. Obama and mr. Uribe. That did exist between mr. Bush and mr. Uribe, who both love farm life  and who are warriors against terrorism.

I hope nevertheless that they will be able to construct a good relationship. I hope that they will leave the Big Words of the war on terrorism behind and I hope that the United States will pay more attention to the interest of social development in Colombia. The more social development, the less warriors for the FARC. Listen to the story of the deserters. The great majority joined the FARC as a child or a youngster, because of poverty, violence and sexual abuse at home. And the more social development, the less coca and cocaine. Which is important to the United States, because of its other war, that on drugs.

Obama and Uribe, I believe, should do the same thing: pay more attention to the rest of Latin America and be friends. That will make it more difficult for the FARC to find friends among neighbour governments. And it will make it less appealing for those to be such good friends with Iran.

Speculations about the link Chávez-FARC-Irán have been made.

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