Have mercy on Piedad

Why is Piedad Córdoba hated so much? Piedad, which means mercy or devotion, is a senator in Colombia. She is a member of the Liberal Party and she is a woman who doesn’t fear to express what she thinks. She is one of the so many Colombians who receive death threats any moment.piedad-cordoba-0109

She has been accused of supporting the FARC and I must admit, she has said things like in favour of the guerrilla which made me feel uneasy. I have always been willing to defend her, but  sometimes she makes that difficult. She has a talent for controversion. But I like her. Piedad has balls.

And now she is trying to get more hostages of the FARC free, together with a group of intellectuals who wrote a letter to the guerrilla. Of course that has caused a lot of uproar as well, because it is Piedad who is doing it.

People like to make fun of her, of her controversial way of saying things and above all her way of dressing. Her trademark is her inevitable turban, which always suits perfectly with her clothes and make up. One can make a fool of her but why not appreciate her good taste? She dresses well.

The interests are big and the war rages on, while those poor hostages are suffering in the jungle. President Uribe doesn’t like it at all that Piedad Córdoba now is protagonist of what some call a show. He wants to keep his own protagonism which had its top with the Operation Jaque.

Perhaps Piedad is as vain and ambitious as Uribe, but what does it matter? The most important thing is that those people can return to freedom.

It makes me sad that there is no advance because the FARC don’t want a foreign observer of the Vatican, as Uribe proposed, and the president doensn’t want Representative McGovern of the United States, as Piedad proposed. This can go on for months.

When I was on a holiday in Argentina, I shared a taxi in Rosario with a woman who called herself a feminist. Immediately she started to talk about Ingrid Betancourt, the FARC’s most famous hostage, who was rescued in the Operation Jaque. She said she didn’t like the lady and that she preferred Piedad Córdoba, who she thought was doing a more sincere effort to help the hostages.

I totally agree and I like it that former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel proposed her as a candidate for the next round.

And read this column by María Elvira Samper in the weekly Cambio.


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