Devil’s Carnival in Riosucio

dsc03062From Argentina I went to the Devil’s Carnival in  Riosucio.

I am glad to live the nice Colombia as well, because the violent version affects me very much. So much beauty here in Riosucio makes me emotional. The war is far away. It was the first time after more than six years living in Colombia that I could enjoy it as in the beginning: just a beautiful country with nice and joyful people.

The groups who dance in the parade afterwards go the houses of the people to sing and dance. That is an incredible experience. Some are really good and the texts they sing are often critical about the Colombian society. Everyone who wants to hear them can walk into the houses and listen and watch.

The devil of Riosucio is an interesting figure because he is not as much the representative of evil but the reprentative of mock and rebelliousness. He is introduced to the village on the second day of the Carnival and they put him right beside the parish’s house. He is burnt on the last night and people weep him desperately.


Look also at Wikipedia to know more about the Carnival.

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    […] December I was two weeks on a holiday in Argentina and after that almost a week in at the Devil’s Carnival in Riosucio, in the west of Colombia. In Argentina, which is much to the south of Latin America,  I missed the […]

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