Che Guevara’s home in Alta Gracia

Today I saw Che’s bed, bath, motorbike, books in the museum in the friendly village of Alta Gracia, near to Córdoba in Central Argentina.dsc02955

Funny to see all these intimate things of someone who is known for his struggles in the mountains and the jungle of Cuba, Congo and Bolivia. This ever active man full of his ideals of social justice lived in a village which is absolutely quiet and lovely.

It is sad that he died so young, executed by the Bolivian army and supposedly betrayed by a farmer in Bolivia. The other version says it was the Cuban leader Fidel Castro who had him killed because they had disagreed on how to implement the revolution in Cuba. Anyway he was a minister in Casto’s government, but he felt he had to fight for the revolution in other countries as well.

Perhaps it is because of his early death that he arouses sympathy and indeed is a legend. If he would have veen still alive he would have been eighty and perhaps a fat nasty bureaucrat.

Now, a month later after I wrote this post, the international press publishes an article about Benigno, or Daniel Alarcón, a guerrillero in Cuba. He says that the Soviet Union ordered Fidel Castro to kill Che Guevara. If that is true, indeed some fat nasty bureaucrats in the Kremlin wanted to get rid of him. Che supposedly was a danger to the Kremlin’s ‘imperialistic strategies’, according to this Benigno, who fled to Chile after Che was murdered in Bolivia.

I also found via Google an interview with a member of the Fundación Hispano Cubana which was founded after the Cuban Revolution by Cuban refugees and a Spanish journalist who consider nothing more than an mad adventurer and a killer.

But when I was in the museum a month ago I had to think of Tanja Nijmeijer, the Dutch young woman who is a member of the FARC guerrilla in Colombia. She was in the news last year, because the Colombian army attacked the camp where she was and found her diaries afterwards.

I consider Che and the FARC two different things, because I think the FARC are much more violent and criminal. But I suppose that the ideals of Che and Tanja are not so different.

I recommend a visit to Alta Gracia for everyone who passdsc02962es Córdoba, travelling through Argentina. Even if you don’t want to visit Che’s museum. It is a nice village, with an interesting history. It was not only Che who lived there because of the climate. Also the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.


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3 Responses to “Che Guevara’s home in Alta Gracia”

  1. Robby MacDonald Says:

    I would really like to know what model and year the bike was if possible.

    • wiesubags Says:

      you make me smile, Robby, because these days I have had many reactions of leftwing haters to my blog and especially to my article in Colombia Reports. Nice to hear a different tune. but… I have no idea. The best thing is perhaps contact the museum. I believe I made a link in the post. Will have a look and come back. It is a nice bike, isn’t it?

  2. wiesubags Says:

    Here’s the link to the museum, Robby.

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