Che Guevara is remembered in Alta Gracia

My hope to find more about Che Guevara during my holiday in Argentina is not lost. It appears that he moved away with his parents from Rosario because he suffered from asthma.


They went to Alta Gracia, a village near the town of Córdoba, in the centre of Argentina. The climate is less humid than in Rosario. It seems there is a Che-museum there.

I just arrived in Córdoba, at a very nice hostel, by the way, which is run by a young couple, Hector and Vicky. And it seems that the surroundings are really beautiful. That makes the good bye from Bernardo de Irigoyen a bit easier. People are so nice there that I almost stayed.

In the meantime I read the news about Colombia now and then. The FARC are supposed to release six more hostages soon. They have been held in the jungle for years, in awful circumstances. What would Che have thought about that? Does it justify the struggle for a better society? Many of the hostages are poor soldiers and policemen.

I don’t believe Ingrid Betancourt is going te help them. She is supposed to retire from public life now, in order to write a book about her six years as a hostage of the FARC. That lady is looking for publicity. Nothing more, I am afraid. I have more confidence in the efforts of other hostages to get the rest free and in Piedad Córdoba, the liberal politician who is being hated so much by president Uribe, but who took the initiative to write a letter to the FARC, signed by many intellectuals in Colombia, in order to liberate the hostages.

Read also my column about René and Wilson, to know more about the discussion how the hostages should be liberated.


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